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Retained IT Director and Consultant

A retained IT Director for a few days each year?

You outsource IT, but wouldn’t it be great to have access to independent advice for you and your board on value and best practice when it comes to IT?

Managing IT for SME’s takes more than just outsourcing your infrastructure and daily IT support.

  • How do you check you’re still getting good value?
  • review your IT needs as your business changes and grows?
  • Or start up a new project or programme?
  • And what if you have your own small IT support team, how do you know if they’re doing the best job possible?
  • And what about keeping pace as IT changes and your competition uses it to try to get ahead of you?

From as little as £500 per month, we can provide access to the specialist IT management experience and knowledge that you may want but didn’t think you could afford.

We can provide advice and guidance on a regular or occasional basis, can help manage projects or serious incidents – outages, security problems.

We can also do due diligence on new investments or mergers as well as set up and give advice on Programmes, Projects and Infrastructure management. Managing and negotiating with suppliers, repairing supplier relationships that are breaking down are all things that save you time and money and allow you to focus your energy on your business.

Because we understand how smaller business works as well as large scale enterprises, we can help you apply the relevant best practices without overloading the business.

To find out more, please use our enquiry form – or if you’d like to talk to someone now call us on 01732 808391.