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Interim IT Directors – achieving change

Interim IT Directors are quickly available and can bring a completely fresh perspective. They can help the board and heads of function make quicker and more informed decisions on what, when and why different projects and IT services should be invested in.

Having delivered Interim IT leadership over the last 10 years and worked for Interim IT Directors I can see the benefits they bring whether capitalising on an unintended gap or opportunity, or as a strategic decision at a time of change. The new Interim may be part of a changing Executive team, or be joining a stable and confident group, in either case including them in the weekly Executive team meetings will increase their effectiveness and the speed at which the benefits they can drive will be realised.

See how recent blog for more about this topic…….

Taking on Interim roles quite often comes out of other projects – the most common is IT reviews, due diligence (during investment, re-investment or acquisition.  These can be driven by external demands – an investor asking for an independent review or preparation for such an event. Increasingly boards and management teams planning management buy outs (MBO’s) or management by in’s want to be ahead of the game.   The needs for a few days of a senior consultant’s time to asses the current status and capability or perhaps to prepare an IT Roadmap can be invaluable.

The result of these short, sharp projects may stand alone, or lead to the appointment of an Interim to push things forward at a time or to support and extend the capability of a capable Head of IT already in place. Wih our capability to evaluate the current team and situation, and to employ strategies such as Management Coaching, we believe we’re well placed to support these needs.

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