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IT Management Reviews, Consulting and Planning to solve problems or develop capability

Management Consulting

Working with you and your management team, we can work on specific assignments to review, replan, implement or reorganise.

We can quickly and effectively analyse situations and identify the key issues even in complex environments. Our energetic approach, rapid focus on the right questions and ability to motivate teams and individuals, combined with extensive business experience is highly effective in helping IT organisations increase their value to the business.

A review of the organisation, or a part of it, can be valuable by letting fresh eyes see what is happening. Its easy to feel things are worse than they are and we can often see ways to realise potential, unlock some solutions your team may have hidden away. And if something more drastic is needed, we can support the evaluation of the problem and help you gain stakeholder support or deliver the change.

Replanning takes the opportunity to stop and consider again the priorities (urgency and importance), effectiveness of what is being done and the viability of the programme. Its common to find that there are just too many things going on – either or both of Business As Usual (BAU) or Change (Projects and Programmes) may be suffering. Making the case for more resource, re-prioritsation – e.g. putting some change on hold and focussing more of the team on really completing the urgent items, can make a big difference. We can help quickly bring shape to a more achievable plan. Its surprising how often other stakeholders are happy to hear that IT want to slow things down. But if not, we can bring some indepenence to the planning and support the messages you decide to deliver.

Implementation is harder and takes longer than many teams realise. Towards the end of a long projects, projects managers and their teams are often reluctant to accept that it will need more resource or time than they had assumed – as contingency is used up, testing and implementation windows get eroded. The push to get it over the line will often benefit from adding some extra implementation management experience to the team.

And its not just systems projects where implementation needs more time or more resource – all kinds of changes (team resorganisation, office moves, infrastructure upgrades) benefit when implementation is given more time. And in all these case, Implementation management can really drain your management team – we are able to help support stronger implementation through early planning or late stage support and intervention.

Reorganisation is almost a special case of implementation, sound analysis of the real problems, thorough planning of the implementation and the communication necessary to achieve success are critical. But so are creativity, innovation and tools such as coaching. We’ve often seen over complex re-organisations planned in order to get over personnel issues that could have been more easily solved. We can help work through the challenges to make a successful (and less stressful) reorganisation.