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Coaching IT Teams and Individuals to release potential

Coaching – managers, teams, individuals

Coaching is very much at the core of what we do. Why? Because it works – good coaching releases potential – enabling your team to scale heights you really didn’t expect.

Throughout our assignments we will be using coaching and will be happy to explain how it works to you or your team. We can even do a live demo.

If you’re interested in coaching then Sir John Whitmore’s book –Coaching for Performance is a great introduction to the subject.

The term Coaching is used to mean many things – including what we prefer to describe as mentoring. For us the difference is that:

  • mentoring is a means to transfer one persons experience to the skills and abilities of another. Mentoring can be used to explain or show the answer that someone else already knows.
  • In contrast, coaching, is used to help an individual find their own best answer. Because coaching brings out the clients own solutions, they tend to be much more committed to making the solution work.

Coaching may be directed or open – i.e. a manager may ask us to coach a member of the team through a specific issue (directed). Or to be more open to the clients needs – even if their manager doesn’t initially know what these are. For example a senior IT manager may want to develop a less experienced manager (the Client). He she may then leave it to our client to agree the goals. They may have some general goals or base these on targets for their own improvement agreed at an annual review, as the agenda for a series of coaching sessions.