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Coaching, Consulting, Training and Mentoring to suit you

How we work

You and your organisation are unique, your successes come from you and your team, your experience, management style and the way you like to work.

So when we start talking with you we want to find out about Youbefore we start making recommendations on what to do or how to do it. We have a well equipped tool kit that we can draw on and a pool of people we can bring in once we get to know you and find out what you need and equally important how you like to work. But if what we’ve used before isn’t right for you, we’ll find the right thing. We don’t like banging in screws in with a hammer – just because the hammer was the last tool out of the bag:)

The main headings of how we are work may give you some ideas – if you’d like to talk to us to find out more calls or us or use our enquiry form.

Management and Team coaching using coaching to solve specific problems – can be directed or collaborative

Management Consulting a more formal approach to addressing management problems – task based – e.g. We need to identify a strategy for our service delivery function and tactics to implement the changes.

Advisory IT management -acting as an Advisor to new or established members of the IT management team, adding specific or general experience for a time often on a part time basis, providing advice to non-IT specialists overseeing the IT function – e.g. COO, CFO, Operations directors etc.

CIO Services – providing some or all of the CIO function – for example during mergers or acquisitions or to support a wider business change – e.g. outsourcing

Interim IT management – management of the whole or a part of the IT function for a specific period – e.g. during search for a new head of function, to cover long term leave due to sickness, maternity or temporary assignment to another business unit.

IT Strategies – facilitating or leading the preparation of IT strategy, or supporting a specific part of the strategy – e.g. Business Systems or Application strategy where the head of function has experience in a different IT Discipline

Learning and development – creating and overseeing learning and development (including training) programmes in support of changes identified through our work with you.

IT Consulting – working with you to solve technology challenges or add some IT/IT management experience to meet day to day needs, implement IT Programmes or develop capability.