We’ve just posted an update on training and have an example of how we use some software to make easy to follow video user guides. You can find the new page here – or watch the sample system[read more]

For the last few months, I’ve been working with a brilliant coffee vending business near Gatwick. In terms of culture and atmosphere, it’s quite a contrast to BOTH other venture capital[read more]

The results of Google’s “Project Oxygen” have been reported all over the place in the last week. The London Evening Standard and the New York Times both carried this, follow the[read more]

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The cost of complexity – part 2

I posted a while ago about the cost of complexity, and two events in the last week had me looking back at what I wrote then. The first is a client who DID end up adding a second remote access solution and the other who is trying to decide what to do about Business Intelligence [read more]