We’ve just posted an update on training and have an example of how we use some software to make easy to follow video user guides. You can find the new page here – or watch the sample system[read more]

For the last few months, I’ve been working with a brilliant coffee vending business near Gatwick. In terms of culture and atmosphere, it’s quite a contrast to BOTH other venture capital[read more]

The results of Google’s “Project Oxygen” have been reported all over the place in the last week. The London Evening Standard and the New York Times both carried this, follow the[read more]

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Problems and confrontation – how they become a constructive part of organisational and staff growth

Problems and Confrontation

How do you feel when you hit a big problems, or there is a confrontation? Does it represent an opportunity, or a scary threat that makes you want to avoid the person or situation involved? Where do problems end up in your team – the top or bottom of the pile? Who ultimately fixes them [read more]

Does email kill your productivity

Does email kill your productivity

First thing this morning, before I did anything I’d planned to do, I found myself checking my emails. One of them came from BIE, an interim management company who had recently come to realise the full impact of email on their working day and had decided to make a change. It reminded me of just [read more]

Flexible working vs Brainspace

Time to get rid of your desk?

When I first drafted this post, I was thinking just about the benefits of flexible working space. In many situations I believe these benefits are there to be had, especially where larger teams work together and a level of noise is an acceptable part of the working environment. But what about where concentration, problem solving [read more]

Peopleware - Teams are more important than Technology

What is Peopleware

In Peopleware – Productive Projects and Teams – Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister the authors describe their experience of software development projects. They highlight just how key people are to the whole IT equation. Through well presented ideas and tales of their experience they demonstrate the massive cost of NOT investing in the [read more]