We’ve just posted an update on training and have an example of how we use some software to make easy to follow video user guides. You can find the new page here – or watch the sample system[read more]

For the last few months, I’ve been working with a brilliant coffee vending business near Gatwick. In terms of culture and atmosphere, it’s quite a contrast to BOTH other venture capital[read more]

The results of Google’s “Project Oxygen” have been reported all over the place in the last week. The London Evening Standard and the New York Times both carried this, follow the[read more]

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Workplace diversity increases creativity and capability. Disabilities add to your organisations capability.

Adding disability to your workplace skills

“dis” ability has all sorts of connotations – from wheelchairs to mental illness and learning disabilities. Yet some of the most talented and brilliant individuals in the world count as disabled.  While many organisations have better access for physical disability, overall you are unlikely to be attracting “dis”abled [read more]

Should we invest in developing our technology teams the same way sports management does?

Premier league IT management?

As the new football (soccer) season kicks off, it’s amazing to hear all the talk of new, expensively bought in talent. Of who is going to make space for the new stars, who will stay but rarely play and who might be good enough to keep them out of the team. Which coaches are involved [read more]

Is adding and developing skills and experience to your CV, good for you and your employer?

Are your team’s CV’s up to date?

In the consulting world, the CV is taken very seriously. Each client proposal includes the CV’s of the key (sometimes all) of the team. It is often the deciding factor for the client – when they look at those achievements, they want to recognise people who will make similar things happen for them. Good consultants [read more]

IT Team brands to create a vision for the services you provide

Does my team need a brand?

When you set out to build a new business, something that you have to sell; one of the key steps is to define the brand. For me the brand is the essence of what your proposition is. It takes time, thought and analysis to get there. It means listening to other people about what it [read more]

Using questions to raise awareness, responsibility and understanding

The Power Of Questions

We believe in the power of good questions. Questions that connect to the client, that are based on good listening and provoke, encourage and promote honest, different and sometimes difficult answers. Answers, worryingly, that may challenge the questioner. Tom Peters highlights this in his daily quote today (see below) – so what do you do [read more]

Could getting rid of your best staff be good for your organisation?

Get rid of your best staff.

You must be joking. why would I do something as dumb as that? But its not just me asking this question, others have too. Your best staff are ambitious, in need of change and growth and will tend to be the centre of management attention. Sometimes these star performers completely skew what goes on in [read more]