We’ve just posted an update on training and have an example of how we use some software to make easy to follow video user guides. You can find the new page here – or watch the sample system[read more]

For the last few months, I’ve been working with a brilliant coffee vending business near Gatwick. In terms of culture and atmosphere, it’s quite a contrast to BOTH other venture capital[read more]

The results of Google’s “Project Oxygen” have been reported all over the place in the last week. The London Evening Standard and the New York Times both carried this, follow the[read more]

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Do coaching and NLP have similarities?

NLP vs Coaching – the same or different?

If coaching is a way to help someone else release their potential, is NLP the equivalent for releasing your own? In the introduction to Brilliant NLP David Molden and Pat Hutchinson say NLP is a “set of tools to help you deal with unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour”. In Coaching for Performance, Sir John [read more]

Recruitment can be a great opportunity not just a risk

Do you love recruitment?

I was looking at recruitment web sites this week and noticed how often recruitment is described mostly as a problem. “Let us solve your recruitment problems”, “let us take over the problem of recruitment for you”. What’s going on? I love it when I have to recruit new people, I love the chance to bring [read more]

Building the right IT sourcing model to maximise benefits and minimise cost and risk

Outsourcing, insourcing, rightsourcing

There is great pressure in many organisations to outsource IT. By which is often meant transfer the problem of IT to somewhere else and someone else. “IT costs too much and takes too many resources.” “We’re not an IT business so why do we need all these IT staff.” Before you know it we have [read more]

Managing IT Change for short and long term benefit

Do we make too many unneccessary changes to systems?

Over the last week or two, I’ve had to make changes to my Laptop, a smart-phone and other infrastructure. The amount of time and disruption these changes have caused is incredible. Phone contacts and diary that don’t synchronise, PC and work time lost. Work that takes much longer just because I now have to work [read more]

Should IT Managers forget technology and focus on people?

Are great IT managers great technologists?

I was recently researching other peoples thoughts on managing IT well, I used terms such as “great IT”, “managing IT well”, “CIO services” and “IT management consulting”. I expected to get back a mix of information about great technology and getting the best out of IT teams. Try it for yourself and [read more]